26.04.2020 -THE ROTFG RAP-TAPE BUNDE is out. Which means you can get TOVANSKÏ & Martin Massiv - ILDVINTER, Gylne Rune - S/T and Tri-Function Million - Terraformer for 150 NOK/14 USD/13 Euro. Send us a mail at order -at- recordsofthefleshgod.com, or PM us at whatever social media you happen to be logged into at the moment.

15.04.2020 - We have made an official youtube channel. The time for ROTFG-affiliated videos to be spread all over the web and different services are thus (probably) over. Check it out: Tubes of the Fleshgod. There's a couple of new videos up already. New videos will be added as they are made. Some of our old content may also be uploaded to this channel in time.

10.01.2020 - Finally, the self-titled debut album by the heathen out of Hedmark - Gylne Rune - is out! Get it on cassette or listen on Tidal, spotify etc. Get the tape on the Bandcamp or send us an e-mail.

13.12.2019 - Tri-Function Million - Terraformer is out! This is their second album, now ten years after Sprukket Jord and with quite a few added members, now consisting of: Armanjakk, SKAM, TOVANSKÏ, Flammenwerfer, Martin Massiv, Godstog and Kyber. Available on cassette tape and on the usual streaming sites. Get it on the Bandcamp or send us an e-mail on order -at- recordsofthefleshgod.com.

06.12.2019 - We finally got a label sampler out. Glorious home-dubbed tapes - Fleshtape Vol. 1, Check it out.

10.04.2019 - We have released two new tapes ny Stabwound Empire, "V.A." and "Never av mark, vegger av tåke ", and an art film: Treeman - "Illusion of Control". Check them out!

30.11.2018 - ILDVINTER is out! The album by TOVANSKÏ & Martin Massiv, produced by Kyber. Available on all online platforms (Spotify, Tidal, iTunes etc) and cassette. Get it on our bandcamp or send us an e-mail on order -at- recordsofthefleshgod.com. There will also be an LP and CD release later on Dead Seed Productions.

25.08.2018 - As of 17.08.2018 TOVANSKÏ & Martin Massiv's single "Enda en helvetsport (dessverre)" is out on online platforms like Spotify, Tidal, iTunes etc. This is the first single from the forthcoming album "Ildvinter" produced by our own Kyber. Stay tuned for more.

10.05.2018 - As some of you might already have noticed we are in the process of getting our catalog onto all the big streaming services and into online stores. So far we have Tri-Function Million and U.T. up. Currently working on Gribberiket. We expect to have releases up on a semi-weekly basis. Announcements will be made on our facebook page and artist pages where applicable.

18.08.2017 - Utarm - Crawling altars is out! More noisy, doomy filth to the world. Vinyl includes a 14 page booklet. Get it on the bandcamp. Distros, send us a mail on order -at- recodsofthefleshgod.com for wholesale prices.

14.08.2017 - Utarm - Crawling Altars LP will be released on 18th of August; that's this Friday. If you're in Oslo join as at the release at Kafe Hærverk on Hasumanns gate 34. There will be a live drone-set by Utarm and ROTFG DJ's. We will of course be playing the album as well.

18.02.2017 - Tri-Function Millions debut album "Sprukket Jord" from 2009 is being re-released on vinyl on Dead Seed Productions! Check their page for updates.

05.12.2016 - Belated update. 1st of December we dropped two albums. The Stabwound Empire tape "Salighet og Ekstase" and the split-LP between Tri-Function Million and U.T. The last one co-released with the most excellent Where Frost Reign Label and Press. They will be added to our releases section shortly. In the meantime you can stream, download and order the physical media at our Bandcamp.

23.07.2016 - Short update in hectic times! We have new web-pages. They should look more or less the same, but should now behave better on mobile and non-ancient browsers. They are still a work in progress, so if they look screwy to you, that is hopefully a very temporary thing. Also: We have a new tape out! Sturmgeist and the Fall of Rome - Skjebnesvangerskap/Satan. Limited to 77 copies, so get it while you can. Bandcamp.

08.03.2016 - Gribberiket vinyl is finally available! Yellow or black disc, poster included. Send us an e-mail on order -at- recordsofthefleshgod.com or get it through the bandcamp.

06.06.2015 - Sturmgeist & the Fall of Rome - Kald Krig 2xLP is out! Stream, DL and order here. Alternatively you can send us an e-mail at: order -at- recordsofthefleshgod.com

22.05.2015 - Double doom extravaganza! Grave in the sky tape re-issue and Compost Golem debut tape EP is now available. Check our bandcamp to listen and/or order/download. Either that or send us an e-mail at order -at- recordsofthefleshgod.com

06.12.2014 - We've added more stuff to our distro. Hogra 7", Hogra/Vomir split 7", Deprivation/Autocancrena split tape, SSRI tape. You can find a complete list with description of the individual items here. Order it through the bandcamp or shoot us an e-mail at order -at- recordsofthefleshgod.com

25.11.2014 - Now, at least three or four weeks later, the Fedrelandslaget tape is here! Those of you on the pre-order list have been contacted already. The rest of you who could do with some industrial rap tape-action might want to hurry and order. Where Frost reign have already sold out and there aren't that many left with us either. Get the Fedrelandslaget tape on our bandcamp or send us an e-mail at order -at- recordsofthefleshgod.com

28.06.2014 - Marking the 100 years anniversary of the shots fired in Sarajevo, in cooperation with Where Frost Reign label and press, we proudly announce the release of Fedrelandslaget - FL KO MILITS digital and tape release. Extremist ideology presented as hardcore industrial rapshit. As usual there is a pay what you want download. Send us an e-mail if you want a physical tape and we'll put you on the list, there will be at least three or four weeks before they are ready for shipping. Check the Fedrelandslaget page on our bandcamp.

09.06.2014 - The Pestorgel debut full-length self titled album is out! Available as a digital download or audio cassette for order. Shoot us an e-mail or get it through the Pestorgel page on our bandcamp.