Stabwound Empire - V.A.
- Cassette
50 cassette tapes. Individually handmade covers.
Stabwound Empire - Never av mark, vegger av tåke
- Cassette
50 cassette tapes. Individually handmade covers.
Treeman - Illusion of control
500 DVDs. Printed four-colour covers in jewel case.
- Cassette
100 cassette tapes. Printed covers and double sided poster with artwork and all lyrics.
Utarm - Crawling Altars
- LP
12" 140 g vinyl. 14 page art booklet. Mighty Utarm's sixth album and first vinyl release.
Stabwound Empire - Salighet og Ekstase
- Cassette
Hand drawn/printed unique covers. Each tape is numbered. Limited to 70 copies.
Tri-Function Million / U.T.
- Split-LP
12" 140 gram vinyl. Printed cover. printed cardboard innersleeve. Good fit, LP easily slides in and out of the cover, as it should. Co-released with Where Frost Reign Label and Press.
Sturmgeist & The Fall of Rome - Skjebnesvagnerskap/Satan
- Cassette
Limited to 77 copies. Two more tracks on this maxi-single cassette.
Sturmgeist & The Fall of Rome - Kald Krig
- 2LP
The distortion-laden epic synthesizers of Noisestar and the Fall of Rome combine forces with the poetry of Sturmgeist, on this mammoth of an album. Co-released with Inhuman Music.
Compost Golem - S/T
- Cassette
A huge, atmospheric and hugely distorted Doom Metal debut from this Ås-based duo. Sacral, winding riffs, despairing vocals and a crushing production sets this EP apart in a genre plagued with mediocrity. This is doom true to the name. We are proud to co-release (300AD) this debut EP of Compost Golem.
Grave in the Sky - Cutlery Hits China: English for the hearing impaired
- Cassette (re-issue)
This music was worshipped here when originally released. Years passed and we heard nothing more from this band until coincidence struck in the artificial woods of Oslo, and the deal was made to re-release this filthy doom metal classic. A pus-filled mouth, pure gutter desperation, gasping, coughing. Thoroughly grimy distortion-crushed sound chiselling images of a slow-motion demolition of your city-block.
Fedrelandslaget - FL. KO. MILITS
- Chrome tape cassette
Norwegian rap. Industrial synths, noise and loops over hard beats. Fedrelandslaget's take on rap borders on power electronics and grime. Heavy, noisy, crushing. Desperate and vengeful. Criminal shit. Co-released with Where Frost Reign.
Pestorgel - S/T
- Chrome tape cassette
Junk noise. Deeply uncomfortable and soothing at the same time. Field recordings, feedback,and scrap metal combine to paint pictures of bleak, marshland rural living. Each day spent toiling on infertile lands as life seeps away. The threat of sickness.
Gribberiket - Knefall
- Cassette
Drunk and desperate doom metal sometimes, understandably, mistaken for black metal. Later re-issued on Dead Seed Productions.
Lasers of the Inquisition/Stabwound Empire - L.o.t.I/S.E
- Split cassette
Ominous and atmospheric space-ambient on A-side. Demented and all sorts of fucked up power electronics on the B-side. The tape is long sold out.
Utarm - The ChurcH
- Digital album
Utarm's fourth full-length album. Deeply hypnotizing like sounds from a place not meant for humans.
Noisestar and the Fall of Rome - S/T
- LP
The first and so far only official Noisestar and the Fall of Rome album. If the word "epic" still holds meaning it applies here. Huge synthesizers smashed into a torrentuous distortion-fest. The sound of empires rising and crashing.
Tri-function Million - Sprukket Jord
- CD
Norwegian hip-hop, dark as winter. Having a wide range of influences have made the style of this record unique, thematically, lyrically and musically. An exploration of humanity through fictional history in the form of hardcore rap music.
Dubrain Hertz - The Golden Years (2002-2005)
- Digital album
A collection of the earliest Dubrain Hertz songs. Eclectic bordering on schizophrenic, not just as a selection, but the songs themselves as well. Lots of drums, lots of synthesizers: Jungle, DnB, pre-chiptune ++ influences.